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Friday, May 12, 2017

Ranty McRant Face

Ye Gods this election is driving me nuts! I need to get this out of my system. A quick run through on some of my current annoyances.

The economy… Who fucked it up?
Unfettered greed and unregulated financial institutions but also all of us who thought we could buy things we couldn’t afford indefinitely

Did the Tories fix it?
Fuck no! They made it worse whilst successfully convincing the electorate that Labour broke it. Despite Labour having a marginally better record on balancing the govt. books over the last 50 years. [I know this is slightly biased source but the data seems sound]

Can you trust the Conservatives with the economy?
You can trust them to keeping telling you that they run a better economy whilst simultaneously shrinking the state, taking from the poor to give to the rich and blaming foreigners for everything bad.  

Can you trust Labour with the economy?
Not this version... Gordon Brown was probably one of the better post-war chancellors and in 2008 as PM probably helped save the world from a much worse fate following the banking crisis? But John McDonnell is dangerous and should never be allowed near the levers of control.

What is the biggest threat to the economy?
The biggest negative impact on the economy is and will continue to be Brexit. If you are in any doubt and still believe the Boris and other bombastic buffoons read the Japanese foreign ministry's note concerning BREXIT.

Oh but BREXIT will be fine the UK is the fourth largest economy in the world the EU has to deal with us...
No it bloody isn’t and not they bloody don’t. Using the PPP model of GDP comparison the UK is the 9th largest economy and falling while the EU is the 2nd largest. The UK isn’t even 4th when you measure GDP in £GBP because the pound has collapsed on the foreign exchange markets so we are now smaller than France. BREXIT has to hurt the UK more than the EU for the simple reason that the EU is built on a collective sacrifice model. If we benefit others may leave. So it has to hurt us because they are much much bigger than us.

Whose fault is that?
Spineless Tories (David and George) who couldn’t think beyond the increase of their own bank balances and next bottle of Chassagne Montrachet but also almost everyone involved in Westminster politics over the last 40 years who contributed to the alienation of the electorate.

Does anyone else have a credible alternative plan?

But Immigration, isn’t it a major problem?
This won’t play well in the post industrial North and deprived coastal and rural areas but immigration is not a problem. Without immigration we would have had almost no economic growth over the last 30 years. And refugees...? Well we helped create them so we have a moral obligation to help them. Full stop.

If this is true, why have the above mentioned areas got poorer? 
Because the rich have got richer unrestrained by any political party and Labour are as guilty as the Tories on this one. 

Why is it so important then?
Because areas of the country that have become utterly disenfranchised have been sold the lie that immigration is the problem? 

The NHS?
Can anyone seriously say that they trust the Tories with the NHS? Unfortunately the same applies to a government run by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

Higher earners like myself should pay marginally more in taxation to provide education, health and welfare to those less fortunate. That doesn’t hurt the economy. 

Jeremy Corbyn?
Yes Tony Blair turned out to be a God-bothering warmonger. But at least he governed. Yes Nick Clegg got stuffed on tuition fees and other dirty compromises of coalition and destroyed the liberal voice in the this country but at least he almost governed. I doubt Corbyn could arrange a fancy dress party in a fancy dress shop.

Theresa May?
But however much I despair at Corbyn’s ineptitude and naivety I don’t doubt he is a decent person. I do not believe for one second that Theresa May gives a flying fuck for the JAMs (Just About Managing) and the poor. The current Tory party appears to me small minded, insular, xenophobic, greedy and devoid of any social purpose.  Bring back John Major, Michael Hessletine and Ken Clarke...

Tim Farron?
A boy sent to do a man’s job

No longer relevant as have effectively infected the tory party like a parasite and taken over the host

The others?
None worth mentioning

I might as well stab myself in the eye now and get it over with!!!!

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