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Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's not about you...

Of all the lessons to learn in life, the one I keep thinking I have learnt turns out to be the one I keep needing to relearn...

Namely, that nearly everything that I think or feel is subjective.

It doesn't matter how frustrated, annoyed, insulted, overlooked I feel, most of the time the thing that I have perceived turns out not to be about me or related to me in the way that I thought it was. Obviously this is also true about things that have made me happy but in this instance I would prefer to hang on to the happiness in blissful ignorance.

It is amusing that it is so easy to see this trait in others.  My mind wandered as I sat in an interminable meeting the other day. I started to wonder whether it would help to have a big yellow card with "It's not about you" written on it in bold that I could hold up referee style in meetings when someone starts wittering defensively in reaction to a perceived slight.

Now there's a feature that I would pay for on the new Google enhanced reality specs... A little flashing icon in the top left of your field of vision that no-one else can see and a voice in your ear that no one else can hear that says, "Calm down dear, it's not about you"

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