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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too busy to think

I notice that I have not been blogging much this month, which does not herald an awful self-referential blog on blogging. Euurk!

I always used to use reading as a barometer of a balanced approach to life. If I was reading books at a reasonable rate, then I was OK. If I wasn't reading at all, then something was out of kilter. Of course the solution was not to pick up a book but to address, where possible, what was going wrong elsewhere in life that was denying me the time, strength or inclination to read.

In any case I am now wondering whether frequency of blogging is a good indicator of balance too?

Over the last month (which of course contained the milestone of the first anniversary of my wife's death) I have managed to look after my daughter, work, sleep and precious little else. I still read my RSS feeds but I have been hitting the "Mark all read" button more often than usual. Fortunately, Twitter allows me to be as superficial or as profound as I like so I haven't completely missed out on the month.

Reflection requires effort... maybe that's why so many people can't be bothered?

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