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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two steps backwards

It is quite difficult to deal with the fact that while you were otherwise engaged the world has run off and left you behind.

But it is quite staggering to me how much is now out there. I have been feeling my way like a drunken man in the dark trying not to trip over the cat or bring the wardrobe crashing down on me.

In the last few days I have developed a number of new skills. Tony Karrer suggested in his presentation (referenced above) that the audience's Google skills might not be as strong as they thought. Now I had always thought that I was a fairly competent searcher of things...

Then I typed "How to use Google" into the search bar and found out how wrong I was. Then I set myself up a Google account and shared a document with a couple of co-workers. Much more efficient collaboration than the traditional emailing files backwards and forwards.

Now I have set up Google Reader to pick up some RSS feeds but I think I'm still in the shallow end on this one. As I have only really gone about 6 clicks or so beyond the initial blogs I was reading.

I am saving for later in the week as I think my brain might explode. Although I did read this item by Michele Martin: Using to Create an Easy, Always Updated Online Portfolio, which, if I'm honest probably added rather than lessened my apprehension.

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Lovekandinsky said...

I know what you mean about exploding brains, Hugh, although I promise that eventually it gets a little better and you start to feel that you at least have a few things under better control. My biggest problem is disciplining myself to not get lost in reading my RSS feeds. :-)